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"Let Me Be Me"
Pamela Danzy
JMD Records, LLC

About Pamela.....

From the deepest heart of the swamps of Louisiana, to the Tennessee Hills and now anchored in Austin, Texas, Pamela Danzyís true roots lie in her newly cut CD, Let Me Be Me . Since a little girl at age four, Pamela knew what she wanted in life was to sing to the world. As Pamela grew up, she began singing with her choir at a local Baptist church, down the road from her house.

Pamela blended her soulful roots with passionate style and inspiration of artist like Etta James, Delbert McClinton, and LeRoy Parnell, that became her own. At sweet 16, Pamela began singing with local bands in her hometown and formed her own band playing, small towns on the Texas/Louisiana Border. It was then after graduating high school, Pamela moved to Shreveport, Louisiana, where she was a regular on the Louisiana Hayride and played at the local honky-tonks all across the State. Pamela left Shreveport, to pursue a career path on the national roads that took her right to Nashville, Tennessee, the music capitol of the world.

Upon arriving in Nashville, Pamela went to work and showcased for labels such as Capital, Epic and Sony Records for producerís Jimmy Bowen, Tom Collins, and Val Garay to get the studio schooling she needed and craved. Pamela Spent her time in Nashville soaking in the sounds and traditions of country musicís legends. After her learning curve in Nashville, Pamela decided to change her scenery reminiscing back to the soulful unaffected ways of singing and performing, so she picked up and moved to Austin, Texas the heart of the Texas Music Scene where she knew she could continue to grow and develop her own style of music. She has spent the last two years recording and promoting her debut CD "Let Me Be Me". Her powerful voice, soulful emotions, and versatility will grab your attention and force you to listen to each and every song. A release of soulful, swampy, country blues twist of songs, unique to her influences and true to the roots she has earned.

†A TRRR Quote... "From what we have heard, this new CD reeks of that soulful husky influence that sells each song we have listened to. Do yourself a favor, take a moment to enlighten your ears to the solid vocal performance from what appears to be the best hidden secret in Austin, Texas".

From generations passed down, a particular sound transcends to become its truest and own. Pamela Danzy owns this true swampy, soulful sound.... WE AGREE!

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